Thursday, July 17, 2008


Kim, Random Thoughts tagged me, so I guess I'll play. I assure you, it's pretty boring stuff!

10 Years Ago: I was slaving...err...working for Winn Dixie.

5 Things on today's to-do list: Most are already completed! House is vacuumed. Laundry is going. I've been to the PO to mail back swaps. The Verizon guy is supposed to be here between 1-4 to install the new DVR. As soon as I finish this, I'm heading to the (s)crap table to create something!

Snacks I enjoy: Chocolate, dry cereal (Cheerios and Rice Chex) right out of the box, Chili Cheese Fritos, Puffed Cheetos.

Places I've Lived: Florida. My whole life. No-place else!

I'm not tagging anybody. If you're reading and feel like playing, have fun!

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