Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Glorious Rain!

I had not checked the rain guage since Saturday morning. We have had just over 3" since then! And it's still raining. Not hard, a very light mist, but the ground is wet now, so even a light mist will soak in. There are still lots of storms out in the Gulf, so i'm sure we'll get more rain as the day progresses.

John took the motorcycle to the shop yesterday. The guy told him last week that he thought it was the battery, so it's been on the charger here at home for a week. John tried to start it yesterday, no go. So he loaded it up on the trailer and took it to the shop. Turns out it is the starter, just like John thought. So it will be next week before he can get it back. He doesn't get home in time to go get it if they get it fixed before next Monday.

We are gonna upgrade to DVR with Verizon. I'm tired of taping! That's soooo 20th Century!! We called yesterday and they are supposed to call me today to let me know when they will be here to install the new converter box.

Two weeks from today, I am heading to Orlando for Convention! I'm in "pile" mode now. Making piles of things as I think of them so I don't forget anything!

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