Monday, July 7, 2008

Loose ends

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth weekend. It was pretty quiet around here. John worked very long days all last week, Fri and Sat included. Oh the beauty of retail! There is no such thing as a holiday when you work retail. But he did have Sun and today off. He napped off and on all day yesterday. We had a pretty nasty round of thurnderstorms roll thru about 7 last night. Vibrant (and close) lightning and booming thunder. But most important, another 2" of much needed rain.

We had a maple tree die in the front yard and it was pretty close to the power lines. So we decided we needed to take it down before the wind did and it took lines with it. John got the chain saw out this morning and while he took it down and cut it up into manageable pieces, I started mowing. Once he got the tree cut up, I hooked up the trailer and we hauled all of the little stuff back to our burn pile. The bigger stuff, our friend Charlie will come pick up to burn in his fireplace. There were a couple of sand pines that had fallen across the back fence, so while John cut them up, I finished mowing. The yard always looks sooo good when it's freshly mowed.

He's off now getting his hairs cut and hopefully finding a place where he can take the motorcycle to get the starter fixed. The shop he generally uses is closed on Sun & Mon and he doesn't get home in time to take it any other time. I won't pull the trailer with the bike on it. Won't take that responsibility! The bike is his baby and I don't need it getting damaged on my watch!

My new CTMH Keynotes magazine came today, so I'm fixing to go read it cover to cover! We can read it online, but there is just nothing like having it in my hot little hands!

Everybody have a great week!

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Kim said...

Would you believe Sue that we got none of that rain yesterday? Today is a different story though. A lot rain and a nice thunderstorm.

It's official. I was at BJ's today and the AC Moore sign is gone and a "Coming Soon JoAnn Fabrics" According to a comment on two peas message board, once this one opens the University one will close (hopefully this one will be much bigger). Otherwise, I will still have to trek to Citrus Park or Brandon.