Thursday, July 17, 2008

...And with the rain...

comes the 'skeeters! Did you know that the mosquito is Florida's State Bird?! We got another 1.25" of rain yesterday afternoon. The center of the low pressure area that has been bringing all of our rain was almost parallel us to the east, so the rain yesterday was coming in sheets. Reminded me of the Summer of '04 when the 4 hurricanes hit Florida. So the back porch is soaked again! The weather guy says the low is moving away from us, so by tomorrow we should feel like the sauna that FL is known for in the summer. Quadrupled because of the rain! I was slapping and swatting mosquitos while I was on chicken and pond rounds this morning. They are horrendous! It's like you've got a blinking neon sign on you "Fresh Blood!" One even got into the garage and decided to make me it's breakfast this morning when I was loading the washer. Last meal she got! Did you know that only the females bite? It's thunderbooming out in the Gulf again now. So we are probably in for at least a few more showers. We'll take all we can get. The "Skeeter Beaters" will just have to work overtime!

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