Sunday, April 7, 2013

12 tags of 2013 April

Has it really been almost a month since I blogged?! Sheesh. You'd think a girl had gone back to work or somethng! Amazing how quickly the time gets away from me now. But I am loving being back in the workforce. Love having a reason to get up and get moving in the mornings. And as an added bonus, I had my 6 months Primary Doctor check at the end of last week. Since I started working in October, I've lost 22 lbs! It's that getting up and moving around and being active again. Not sitting here at my computer or at my scrap table all day and grabbing a cookie every time I'd walk thru the kitchen! And I wasn't trying to consciously lost any weight because when I say I'm gonna lose weight, I gain weight! I knew my work clothes that I bought when I started at Whole Foods  Market were feeling loose on me, but not 22 pounds worth!

Anyway! You didn't come here to hear me blather on! You came to see some art!

Tim's got a fantastic blog post using his new Metallic Distress paints to make a tag look like patina'd metal. I made a quick trip to Whim So Doodle last week to get these fabulous new Metallics. If you've still not tried Tim's new Distress Paints, I don't know what you are waiting for! Their fluidity (is that even a word?!) and how they blend and mix when you spray them with water and how once they are dry, you can add other layers on top and wet them and the initial Paint layer will not re-wet and move. Just amazing stuff!

I pretty much stuck to Tim's how-to on applying the paint to my tag and embellishments. I don't have the Clearly For Art plastic, so I just used some regular plastic packaging and it pretty much did the same as the Clearly For Art did. I used his little boy with wings stamp instead of the butterfly Tim used and did the wings in the plastic. There's also a Christy Tomlinson rub-on doily on my tag. And you can see where part of the doily didn't adhere to the tag as I was rubbing it on. Oh well! It's a unique doily!!