Thursday, July 24, 2008

Same old

crap. Different day. I have been such a bum all week. I need to mow the yard. It's rained every morning (and NO, I'm not complaining!) and by the time the grass gets dry, it's too flipping hot to go mow. House needs to be cleaned (today is my "normal" day to do that) but I don't want to do it til Sat or Sun since I won't be here next week. Want it to look good for when John entertains the dantcing girls while I'm gone! I did go to the grocery store this morning, so he's got food to eat while I'm gone. I'm gonna do dolomates (Greek stuffed grape leaves) and chicken pasta salad for him on Monday. I got him a couple of frozen pizzas and hot dogs, so he'll be good. I've not packed the first thing. Tomorrow is my nail, ped and hair appt and I've got the full work-up happening, so I'll be there the better part of the day.

My friend Debbie's father-in-law passed away this past Sunday night. Today is his funeral. Deb, you, JP and Evan are in my thoughts.

I figured out all myself how to program the DVR! And re-play! I DVR'd Deadliest Catch for John the other night. We got hooked (haaa!) on it the very first season.

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Chris said...

You know, if I read this yesterday, we would've had a shorter phone call on my way home last night.