Thursday, April 30, 2009

Butterfly wannabe's

I went out a little while ago to do chicken and pond duty. And as is my ususal habit, I look to see what, if anything is blooming in the yard. Imagine my surprise when I saw my volunteer Passion Vine covered in caterpillars. Munching happliy on leaves, stems and unfortunately, the soon-to-be but now-won't-be blossoms! But that's why I originally planted the Passion Vine ON THE FENCE! To attract the butterflies. Problem with Passion Vine is, it likes to move about. So I've got vines popping up all over the yard. Probably shouldn't complain! They are green. Unlike the rest of my lawn which is brown and crunchy as you walk about. I came inside and Googled what kind of butterfly lays it's eggs on the Passion Vine. It's the Gulf Fritillary. Gulf Fritillary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia They are a beautiful bright orange (which means Jill wouldn't like them because she doesn't like the color orange!) I took the camera out to snap a few pics. Hopefully I'll remember and we'll watch them as they get big and fat and go into their chrysallis stage and turn into butterflies! And since I was out with the camera, I also found the gardenia bush is blooming. Well, it has one lone bloom, all the way at the bottom of the bush in the back! But there are oodles of bloom coming on it. My Mr Lincoln rose is blooming, as is the magnolia tree. I wish there was a way for me to send the scent out because it is truly wonderful!

So stay tuned. We'll watch the metamorphasis of the butterflies together.


jeanne said...

I love flutterbys!

Lea said...

but Lea would because orange is her favorite color!

Jill said...

Orange is fine on butterflies! I don't think my gardenias are blooming yet, but my roses are. Unfortunately, there aren't enough ladybugs showing up on their own to eat all of the aphids, so I need to go buy some ladybugs.