Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rock The Block

I decided I'd best get the January CTMH promotion done before January was over. What a concept!! Most people did this with photographs, and there was always someones ear or top of their head or other body part on a different block and I thought it just made them look funny. A sister CTMH Consultant (and I don't remember who) did hers for different holidays and I thought that was a perfect idea, so that was the direction I took. I couldn't do my usual of putting all sorts of flotsam and jetsam on them since they have to lay pretty flat in the box, so I had to rely on Stickles to bling them up a bit. In the order of holidays, I did Valentine's Day and used retired CTMH Cherry-O. Easter is done with CTMH Elemental. July 4 is done with retired CTMH Independence. Halloween is done with CTMH Mishchief. Thanksgiving is done with CTMH Dreamin and Christmas is done with CTMH Wonderland. I used the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge to cut the alphabets and any other anything that is on the blocks. Hearts, flowers, butterflies, flowers, etc. The Halloween and Thanksgiving blocks have rub-ons from the Compliments Rub-ons. I used red, silver and blue Stickles on the stars for the July 4 blocks. And see if your sharp eyes can find the two letters that dummy me put on backwards! Why do I see that after they dry?! Oh well!


Debbie DP said...

now this is great. love your holiday theme ideas.

anna christensen crafts said...

Wowser - that must have taken forever, really worth the time spent though! I like the blocks very much and will happily celebrate ''Christams' with you this year!! see, that shows I read the text as well as look at the pretty pictures xx