Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Icy Blast

So we are experiencing an "Arctic Blast" as the local weather guys like to call it here in FL this morning. It is 20 degrees at our back door and all 7 of my birdbaths are frozen. The one with the dripper is the only one not frozen solid. I can't even get water out of the hose to de-ice the other baths because the water that is in the hose is frozen solid as well! It's supposed to start warming up today and by the weekend we'll see our highs back in the 70's. That's the one thing about FL. If it does get cold, it doesn't last.

See the icicle on the ground?!


anna christensen crafts said...

Goodness! That must be a shock to the system - will you get snow?

Debbie DP said...

Guess we will head to FL for the winter. The bird bath looks pretty chilly. Poor birds

Sara Jansen said...

Over here in Alaska it's been snowing, and snowing, and snowing and snowing....and if it ever stops I'll post a picture of the back deck before we shovel it. Those icicles look amazing....all what you are, or aren't used to I guess. Trust things are better now.