Friday, April 1, 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday it looked like dusk all day. A few times it looked like night, the sky was so dark. Our weather guys were on TV nonstop from 8:30 AM til after 1:00 PM keeping us informed of the watches, warnings, tornado touchdowns and projected paths of them. There was one in particular that came ashore near Indian Rocks Beach, about 60 or so miles south of us and it marched right across the state, exiting into the Atlantic Ocean. That is unheard of here in Florida! I can't remember the last time we've had a day so full of nasty weather. Maybe in 2004 when we had the 4 hurricanes hit Florida that summer. It certainly was an event that doesn't happen every day. Our head weather guy said last night that we only had 4 days of rain in March. But in those 4 days, it was going to be at least the second wettest March on record for us and possibly THE wettest since it was still raining at that time. There is widespread damage in the greater Tampa Bay area, but thankfully any injuries that were suffered were only minor. There were no deaths reported. That's a very good thing.

I took a bit of a walkabout in the yard. We've got a lot of tree litter all over the driveway, front walk and in the front windows from the west winds and one limb down out in the back yard, but that's about it. Nothing that the broom, the leaf blower and a drag to the burn pile won't cure! We had 9.5" of rain here at the house. That's on top of the 7.5" that we had just gotten on Monday! We had 2" in just a 45 minute span. It was raining so hard, the gutters couldn't get the water off the roof fast enough and the water was just pouring over the tops of the gutters. One of our neighbors a few houses down lost two big pine trees in his back yard. One landed on his shed. Good thing it wasn't his house.

This morning, the sky is a brilliant blue and not a cloud in it. It's another good day!

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