Saturday, April 16, 2011


When I was growing up, we used to drive to Cedar Key at least once a season and get oysters and have a feast. Some ate them raw, some ate them roasted, some ate none at all (Kathy and Janice!) John and I continued the tradition for a few years after we got married, but here lately we hadn't been getting any. And I sorely missed them. If I get a dozen or two at a restaurant, all it does is make me want more. I tell people I can eat my weight in raw oysters, and that's a lot of oysters! I've been craving them for a while now. We had some really wonderful oysters from different parts of the country when we were in DC last summer. And I said then that when we got back home, we needed to get us a bunch to eat here at the house. And we never did. Til yesterday. We have a new seafood market that recently opened and I ordered a bag of oysters from them. They get them from Cedar Key, and while it's a nice couple of hour drive north of us, with gas prices seemingly doubling every day, I figured I'd let them ship them here and I'd drive 3 miles down the road and get them! The bag held somewhere between 3/4 of a bushel and a bushel. I pretty much started munching when I got them home. So salty and briny. So good with a cold beer! John got home a little after 4 and we sat on the porch and noshed on oysters for almost 2 hours. We'd eat a few. Take a break and talk. Eat some more. Talk some more. We had a great time. We ate about half of them. We'll munch some more today and then if there are any left, we'll shuck them and freeze them for a fried oyster dinner one night. Somehow, I don't think there will be many left!

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Jan said...

Correction - Kathy doesn't eat oysters, but I love 'em!