Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drowned Rat...errr...Cat!

Orleans gets to stankin' that MAN smell and we are forced every so often to give him a bath. And we did just that yesterday. He was not happy. And Savannah is even less so now that he's had his bath, she hisses and spits if he comes within a house-length of her. They were in fighters face off mode earlier today. Her at one end of the house giving him the stink eye and him looking at me like" WhatdidIdoMa?!" It will all get better in a day or two. Once he gets to smelling like "himself" and not shampoo! Just like most human brothers and sisters, they aren't happy unless they're fighting!

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jeanne said...

They're still big even wet. Poor baby. Hope things are back to normal now.