Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I now have no roots in teeth 2 and 15 to give me any more troubles! The Amazing Dr Horn did root canals on both teeth this morning. A little over an hour and a half to do both. He was quite pleased with his time! I can't have anything hard, sticky or gooey until I go see my regular dentist on Monday to get temporary crowns on those two molars. It's pretty ugly watching me try to drink! I feel a bit like an old lady or a drunk! I dribble out of both sides of my mouth. And I'm numb all the way to both eyes! I have to take Ibuprofen 4x a day for the next 4 days to help with swelling and pain. Hopefully now I can be pain free when I eat or drink. No more trying to use my tongue to cover both teeth at the same time and not being very successful. Sweet relief!

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jeanne said...

bye bye teef! Hope the results make you feel better fast!!!!