Sunday, April 10, 2011

More peeps

Stopped off at the feed store the other day to see what new babies they had in. They had Silkies and ChocolateEgg Layers. Breed unknown, but they will lay dark brown (like chocolate) shelled eggs. Silkies are Bantams, meaning small, and they lay small...really small...brown eggs. I've had Silkies and they tend to get picked on by the bigger girls and I thought I wanted something new so we got a couple of the Chocolate Egg Layers since we've never had them before. And since they are Chocolate egg layers...I thought they needed "chocolate" names! So the brown one is Cocoa and the yellow and brown one is Kiss. John named her, saying she looked like the dark and white chocolate striped Kisses! You can see how much the Australorps have grown in just a week! They are double the size of the new babies. They are doing fine all together. And no, the Aurtralorps don't have names yet. They still look too much alike! Once they moult and get their adult coloring I'll name them.

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jeanne said...

Kiss looks like a mallard duckling . ..