Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Magnifique layouts

You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. So much for me working on Christmas and fair layouts. I don't know what it is about taking pics with our phones, but they do not want to print and look decent. The pics were all blue-ish and blurry. I have to wait for John to see if he can figure out whats up with the printer (and yes, I changed all of the ink cartridges), so in the meantime, I decided I needed to CLEAN my scrap table. I had just been piling stuff and my 6 x 4 table had shrunk to about a 3 x 3 work space. Un.acceptable! Even for me! I ended up throwing a lawn trash bag full of stuff away. (NO not just from the table! It wasn't that bad!) Stuff I kept thinking I might find a use for it. Figured if I hadn't used it by now, chances are I never would. I found some projects I've had for going on 2 summers now. Things I got at CHA Orlando two years ago. Layouts I got at Convention this past summer and never put together. Other stuff. So I made a pile of it and while I'm waiting for John's days off for him to look at the printer I'm working on getting them done.

I started with the Magnifique layout we got at Convention. I had to add some stuff to it because it was pretty plain and boring for my taste! The first layout uses 2 of the Flip Flaps. The second is two 12 x 12 layouts. ( and I'm not real sure I'm thrilled with the yellow flowers on the first set of layouts. I may end up switching them out for something else.)
And if anyone has seen my missing googlie eyes, would you please send them back home! That is part of the reason I cleaned my table and they weren't there. So I have NO idea of where they've run off to.

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Debbie DP said...

You have been very busy. Love the layouts. I am going to try to copy them. I love that paper. Lawn bag? I need a construction bag.