Sunday, February 27, 2011

And another one gone!

Used the dregs of yet another CTMH paper pack making more cards for Debbie's Save R Sight run/walk in April. And heaven help me, I threw the empty sleeve along with the name of this one away and it's gone to the Great Trash Heap at the dump already and I don't remember what the name was. Doesn't matter, I guess! Once again, used various stamp sets and embellies from my stash. Also used my latest "great invention" and glittered the new Kraft Borders.

I also cleaned up and donated 2 grocery bags full of old papers and various companies cardstocks that don't match my CTMH papers to the Girl Scouts over the weekend. They were selling cookies outside of Lowes when I went to get some veggies to plant in the Earth Boxes and I told them I'd bring them back some stuff for their scrapbooking badge. They were thrilled! A couple of the girls wanted to start looking at the papers right then but the leader had to remind them that they were there to sell cookies and not go thru the papers. She told them they'd have plenty of time to do that later! And speaking of Girl Scout cookies, course I had to get John his Thin Mints! They had one last year that was supposed to only be a one time shot but it was so popular they brought it back again this year. It's called Thank U Berry Much and it's chock full of crasins and white chocolate chips and is yummy beyond all belief! They are more expensive than the others since there is only one sleeve of cookies per box instead of two like you get with the others, but soooooooo much worth it!

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Megan said...

how nice to donate your papers to the girl scouts!

I think that paper pack is called Stardust. ( I even had to look it up...)

great cards :)