Wednesday, February 23, 2011


After about a 24 hour search, St Pete police caught the accused killer of Officer David Crawford last night. He is just 16 years old. His story kept changing during questioning and after a couple of hours, he finally admitted he'd fired the fatal shots. Police said he cried and said he didn't mean to kill Officer David Crawford. My comment is, what "normal" person carries a gun in their real life unless they mean to do someone harm. He had that gun for ill will. Nothing more nothing less. So at 16, he is sitting in juvie jail for the time being, being charged with the capital offense of killing a police officer. Police say he will be tried as an adult and they will be seeking the death penalty.

Officer Crawford leaves a wife and 24 year old daughter. He was a 25 year veteran of the St Pete police dept and was gunned down less than three blocks from police headquarters. He was eligible for early retirement last year, but loved police work so much that he opted to stay on. He had worked the midnight shift most of his career saying that's where he felt he did the most good and got the most accomplished. Like most cops, it was a profession he loved, he felt he'd been called to it and he gave it his all. He gave his life. Rest in Peace Officer Crawford.

Edit: Prosecuters will not be seeking the death penalty. Juveniles cannot be put to death. So this kid will spend the rest of his life in prison. He will not be elegible for parole. Ever.

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