Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scenes from the Fair

We went to the FL State Fair the other day. Hadn't been in 6+ years so we figured it was time. People are ruder than they were 6 years ago! They either "run" around you then poke along or run you over trying to go faster than everybody. And I don't get old men who think it's ok to fart in public and say nothing. Everyone around them knew it was them! Little kids pointing and laughing. And people in motorized wheelchairs who somehow feel "entitled" and the rest of the world should stand and wait for them to make up their minds which way they want to go and lord help you if you decide to go around them because they will. run. you. over.
I don't ride the rides because of height and motion problems and John doesn't because I don't so we never even went to the midway. We enjoy looking at the exhibits. Though I must say there were much less of them that the last ime we went. Used to be walls of home canned goods and handmade quilts, knitting and crochet items. Now they are displayed in small cases. Only one 3 x 4 case of canned goods and 4 or 5 cases of handmade items. What there was was gorgeous. There were only 4 scrapbook albums and one of the "word" albums entered. Had I known that, I might have entered the Washington DC album I did. Oh well, it wasn't meant to be! We have some very talented kids here in Fl who entered photography and paintings. Beautiful works of art!

Course the animals are a huge draw for us. We got to see some goat judging. Some goats were almost bigger than the kids showing them! One little girl kept taking allllllll the ribbons. Guess the lady judge liked her goats. Got to see eggs pipping out and the wet baby chicks come tumbling out. Saw lots of different kinds of chickens, which we always enjoy since we have chickens of our own.

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jeanne said...

love me that little brown lamb face!!!!