Friday, February 4, 2011

New Ring Bling

I'd wanted a thumb ring forever. John gave me one for Christmas 2009 and I LOVE it! It's basically a mens white gold wedding band. Love it so much that I decided I wanted another one for my other thumb. Hadn't really said anything, but had been keeping my eyes open for something that suited my fancy. A friend invited me to a Premier Designs jewelry party a couple of weeks ago and while I'm notsomuch a change my jewelry to match my bag and shooze and outfit kinda gal, I decided it wouldn't hurt me to go and I just might find something I liked. Most of the stuff was just way over the top for me. Nice stuff, don't get me wrong, just not my cuppa tea. BUT! I found a ring that they could make big enough for my fat flinger...errr...thumb! It's plain on the top and bottom and the middle is a braided rope looking design. So I am now the wearer of two thumb rings. And I couldn't be happier. Well...maybe I could!!


Debbie DP said...

love the ring.That is too cool

jeanne said...

the devious thumb rings strike again!!! giggle