Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life Delights

This is the last project that was found on my (S)crap heap! Well, there was one more, but somehow the directions for putting it together got lost, thrown away, who knows?! I sat and finagled with it for quite a while but could not figure what I was supposed to do, so I threw it away. No sense keeping it if I don't know how it goes together!
This was a l-o-n-g ago promo for CTMH. Called Life Delights Memory Showcase Album. Life Delights paper is long gone. The Memory Showcase Albums are still available and they make great gifts! They come in 6 x 6 and 9 x 9. The saddest part of this being an unfinished project was that I had put all of the pages together. All I had to do was stick them in the album! So this one was completed in less than 5 minutes.

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Debbie DP said...

I have always loved this paper and the book/project