Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scenes from Convention

Beautiful logo artwork on the windows overlooking the Potomac.
Butterfly window clings along the corridor.
Clings going up the steps.
Butterfly morphing panel with images of all of the Consultants who attended Convention. I never did find my pic!
A couple of the Corp gals manning (or should that be womaning?!) the info booth.
Team meeting, doing YMCA!
Line of hungry women! Hungry for their first look at the new Idea Book and Tote and also hungry for lunch!
Line at the bottom of the stairs.
Looking up at who is lined up behind us.
Click on any image to see it bigger!


jeanne said...

Those clings are freakin' amazing. Love the stairs!!!!

Debbie DP said...

wow I had no idea it was that big with that many people.