Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our hummingbird wanna-be

We have numerous birds that come to our feeders and bird baths. Red-headed woodpeckers and Ruby throat hummingbirds included. We have a pair of woodpeckers that have a juvenile that they are teaching where the food and water always are. Little did I know that they were also teaching Junior about the hummingbird feeders! Junior learns quick! And why not? It's an easy meal and no pesky breaking open of sunflower seeds required! It ticks the hummers off too. They dive-bomb the woodpeckers when they are on their feeders. Sure is funny to see such a little bird defending it's food source like they do from a much larger bird.


jeanne said...

Too funny. Maybe he thinks if he flaps his wings fast enough he can be a hummer too.

Debbie DP said...

he better watch out the little hummers can be mean