Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One of the best parts of any least for us! It's almost more about the food as the place we are visiting with John and I. And we ate our share of local favorites. Lots of crab, cooked many ways. Fresh, lucious raw oysters, so briny you could taste the sea. We had our daily Dirty Bloody Mary (or 2!) at the National Pastime Bar and Grill at the Gaylord. They rimmed the glass in Old Bay seasoning for a new and exciting (for us!) taste treat. They also had the BEST chicken wings that were seasoned in old Bay. That's one that I'm gonna try at home. And a crab ball appetizer that the only breading was what was on the outside to hold it together whilst frying. All crab all the time inside. With a garlic-y aoili that was simply devine. We had two different soups at McCormick and Schmicks. A Maryland Seafood and Corn Chowder and a Maryland Seafood Gumbo. Yumm yumm! We wanted to get a Half-smoke sausage with chili from Ben's Chili Bowl in DC, but never made it. We were talking to Tracy, one of the bartemders we made nice with at the National Pastime and she offered to BRING us Ben's the next day. OMG! How do you turn an offer like that down! So we got our Half-smokes and boy were they worth it. Soooooooo good! Probably MY score of the week was CakeLove. They make a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate whipped cream icing and shaved chocolate on top called Chocolate Fuzzy Wuzzy's. Each cupcake is $3.50, but oh. so. worth. every. penny! Dense chocolate cake with a light whipped cream topping and then those chocolate shavings. Heaven! We bought three to take back to the room to enjoy. The day before we left, we went and ordered a half dozen to pick up late that afternoon. And we brought them home. As a carry on!! I would be more than willing to make the 2 hour plane trip and 1 hour drive from the airport back to National Harbor to get more!