Saturday, July 24, 2010

National Harbor

I've given a couple of sneak peeks at National Harbor. Today will be all about it! The Gaylord is located in National Harbor, MD. It is on reclaimed land that they have turned into a "destination" spot. There are 3 or 4 hotels and a sign that a Disney hotel is "coming soon." It's about a 3 block square area with shops and a few office spaces and condo's above shops. There are also restaurants and a couple of nightclub-y sorts of places. I said more than once that I wondered what price the condo's were bringing with the economy being in the shape it is, but we never found anyplace where we could actually ASK! National Harbor
This is where we found CakeLove and McCormick and Schmicks. We also found a PEEPS store. Yep! Peeps, as in the Easter marshmallow, sugar covered treat! Who knew they had their own store?! Of course I had to get some, and these are brand-spanking new on the market. Their widdwe tootsies are dipped in Dark Chocolate. Be still my beating heart! Also HAD to have one of their coffee (or in my case, tea) mugs. How cute is that?! Maybe my one biggest surprise was at the Fossil store. I have a Fossil watch that I dearly love. I didn't need anything, so every time we'd pass the store, I'd put my blinders on and not look in the windows. Didn't want to be tempted. The morning before we left, I took my blinders off. Now anybody that knows me knows I'm notsomuch a clothes, purse or shoe girl. I have three pair of shoes and generally run around barefoot, or as close to it as I can get and still get into stores! I will carry a purse til it literally falls apart. I don't change purses to match my outfit. Too much trouble! My clothes are basic. Mostly shorts. A couple pair of jeans for those three coldish Florida winter days. Basic tops. Nothing fancy. Anyway! I looked in the Fossil window this last morning and the heavens opened and I heard angels singing. Really! There was this purse. Or maybe I should call it a "bag" since it IS Fossil. I heard it say, "Come in the store and take me home." First time EVER a bag spoke to me. I told John I HAVE to have that bag. And I walked in the store and there it was, on the display that was right in front of me when I walked in the door. I picked it up, put it on my shoulder and told the lovely saleslady that it was going home with me. To which she laughed and said that was the display piece and she'd get me a brand new, still in it's protective covering one that had never been touched by human hands (OK I made THAT part up!) out of the back for me! I'm not even gonna say how much it was. Suffice it to say that I've NEVER paid that much for a PURSE (or bag) before in my life. Nowhere close! But I love, love, love it. The ONLY drawback is there is no outside pocket for my keys. And I can't just throw them in the bottom. Sp I bought myself one of those carabiner clips and I clipped it to the ring on the top and now I just clip my keys to it. Problem solved. And I've had more compliments on the bag. Every.Body loves it. Score for this fashion-backward gal!

While we were walking around, there is this huge sculpture-y thing of Posideon coming up out of the sand. It's totally creepy and cool at the same time. As I was taking pics of it (and John) a lovely CTMH sister who had also extended her vacay asked if we'd like her to take a pic of the two of us. Would we?! We very rarely ever are in a pic together on vacay. Either I'm taking of him or he's taking of me. So she graciously took a couple of shots of us. LOVE them!

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