Thursday, July 29, 2010

The grand finale!

We've arrived at the end! I think I've saved the best for last. These are some totally cool things.
First, at the Closing Banquet, they had Art Explosion Artist Michael Ostaski Art Explosion Official Home Page, Michael Ostaski, Master Artist come in and using nothing but his hands, and LOUD rock music in the background, he painted a portrait of CTMH Founder and President Jeanette Lynton on a huge 6' x 6' canvas in less than 5 minutes. Absolutely amazing.

Next, while I was sitting enjoying the breeze with my shooze off at the Jefferson Memorial, a girl walked by with these shoes on and OMG did they look comfortable! As soon as we got home, I looked them up on and found them. They are called Athena. I ordered them. And they are as comfortable as they look. Maybe more. So I now own FOUR pair of shoes!! They have a "sneaker-ish" sole, but they are so lightweight. I can see me getting LOTS of use out of these.

Last, but in NO WAY least. I gave John one challenge at Convention. Find. Me. A. Sticky. Boy. Anyone who had ever been to any CTMH event knows all about Sticky Boy! I've heard a couple of different stories about him. One is he was the first stamp Jeanette designed. The other is that when she decided to take the company from traditional red rubber stamps to acrylic, her husband David said we should call the new stamps Sticky Boys since they stick to the acrylic block. Whichever it is, it is quite a coup when he is found. The Corp gals go around when we are in classes, meetings, etc and stick them on mirrors in bathrooms, door handles, escalators, anywhere! So John spent the better part of a morning looking for a Sticky Boy for me. And his persistance paid off! Mine was on a display case next to the Art Wall. When we went back so I could have him take my pic where he found it, the gals who were looking at the Art Wall wanted to know if I'd rent him out so he could find THEM a Sticky Boy! Ummm...notsomuch!!
What a great time we had. As I said before, we'd love to go back again. Maybe this time stay a bit closer in to DC proper so it's not an hour into and out of the city. Maybe go during Cherry Blossom time in the Spring. Someday............................