Friday, December 21, 2007

More Christmas stuff!

This time for my mother-in-law! I made her some "Oriental" style cards to send to her friends and family back in Japan and here in the States over the summer. She loved them and blew through them like nobody's business. So I've just finished making another bunch to use. Thought I'd share a few.

I've been chasing dust and cat hair bunnies around the house for 2 days now trying to get ready for the in-laws coming here on Christmas Day. I finally got to the point earlier today where I could drag the vacuum out. I have a Rainbow. I LOVE my Rainbow! It was expensive to start with, but 13 years later, it's never given me a lick of trouble. Until today. It has 4 wheels on the bottom. I broke one of the wheels. And I don't think it can be fixed. And I am not gonna lug that heavy beast 3 feet, vacuum, 3 more feet, vacuum. Not. gonna. happen! So I think I will pick me up a cheapie wand/stick style at Wal*Mart tomorrow when I go to pick up the honey-baked ham. It won't do the job of the Rainbow, but at least it will be done. Then after Christmas, we can figure out what we need to do to get me 4 functioning wheels on my vacuum. Cuz we all know how much I love to vacuum. NOT!

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Liane said...

Love the oriental flavor stuff! Beautiful =-) Thanks for sharing. I am glad you started blogging, if only so I could read. After all, it is ALL about ME! Hehehehehe