Friday, December 14, 2007

More Serendipity

I played with the Serendipity papers again yesterday. I bought purse-size calendars for each of my sisters, mom and myself for Christmas and re-covered the front of them. And since my current addiction is to this special paper pack, I decided to use it.

And one of my boy! My clean boy, that is! He was getting that male musky smell that I hate so much, so yesterday he got a bath. We used to bathe both of them once a month, but the vet said it's not good to bathe cats that often. It tends to dry their skin out too much and then they start having other problems. So now we bathe on an "as needed" basis. Savannah will get hers this weekend when John is here. She tends to be a biter with me when it's bath time, but notsomuch with him. So he gets to bathe her. Orleans is laying on top of a pile of old Scrapbooking magazines that I'm gonna give to my friend Lorraine the next time I see her. They were in a box, but I needed it to mail a package, so now I gotta find another box!
And as a final note. I "talked" to Rhonda this morning on the computer. She was having quite a bit of pain but is very greatful to be home with her dh and boys. And it's good knowing you ARE back home, my friend. Now we just need to work on that pain and get it under control. Sending you hugs {{{Rhonda}}}


Liane said...

Beautiful artwork! I love it. So glad you shared.... continued prayers for Rhonda.

jeanne said...

oooooh, I love the blue and brown combo. Who makes it and where can I get it. BEAUTIFUL.

Love the shot of Mr. Clean.

Sue said...

They are Close To My Heart papers Jeanne...I happen to know a very reliable Consultant if you don't have one. ME!!!

That is Orlean's "sexy boy" pose!