Wednesday, December 26, 2007

half century

I am now officially able to join AARP! I do not feel 50, but I am. Scary.

I've gotten some pretty good gifts today, and even before today. It started Sunday when Kathy, Jan and mom presented me with a Chris Still painting. Chris is an old friend of the family. He and Kathy have known each other since Elementary school. I used to give him rides home from high school. He has murals in the FL House of Representatives. He has painted the offical portrait of the FL Governor for the past 3 or 4 Governors. He has a mural in Tampa International Airport. He has pieces commissioned for the next five years. But he's still the same Chris he's always been. Here's a link to view his art. - Fine artist known for his paintings and murals of Flori If you scroll down, my painting is "The Spring of Life." I still haven't decided where in the house I'm gonna put it, so it's keeping me company for now in my scraproom.

John has a "rule" about my birthday not being mentioned on Christmas. My birthday is NOT the 25th, it's the 26th. Yesterday, he broke his rule! He knew what kind of day he was gonna have today, so he asked me if I'd mind if he gave me my birthday gifts last night. He did a "theme" birthday for me. All Tim Holtz. All the time! I got a Tim Holtz carrying case for Crackle Paint that I can alter. I got two of his distressing books that John had sent to him and he signed them. I also got his two DVD's that are also signed.

JoAnn and Bill gave me a gift card to Michaels that I've already used today! I'd been eyeing a book for a while but was too cheap to buy it, so I used my gc for it!

Rhonda and her crew sent birthday wishes as did Debbie and her dh and son. Chris called me to wish me happy birthday. That was special!

I've been working on a few swaps today. Just spending a lazy day, not doing too much at all. After busting my hump all last week, I figure I deserve a day of do-nothingness!

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Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Sue!!!!!