Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Out with the old. In with the new!

My old chair had seen better days. The seat kept migrating south, which caused the back to slip down, causing me to feel like I was being sucked into the Black Hole. So we bought me a new chair. An "old lady" chair as John is calling it. My old one was not a recliner. New one is. Old chair didn't swivel. New one does. I think I'm in love!

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Liane said...

I think I had that chair! LOL We bought two just like it when I was PG with Casey. I wanted something to rock, swivel and recline for baby holding! LOL And heck, I was only 30 something then..... there is something nice about getting old and feeling good about an old lady chair. I miss mine! We don't have chairs in our living space here... 2 huge couches, and I miss them! LOL

Is that your Birthday Present???