Monday, December 17, 2007


In Florida! About 10 miles southeast of us as the crow flies! Holy cow!!

We do occasionally get tornado's in FL. Usually in the winter or early spring when a strong front comes thru. That's what happened yesterday morning about 5:30 AM. We'd been told all last week that we stood a chance of nasty weather late Sat night into Sun morning. And they were right. They are usually minimal in the wind speed, an F1 on the scale.

We had no damage here at the house whatsoever. Very few leaves even blew off the trees. We did get 3.5" of much needed rain. The ground hungrily soaked up every bit of it.

Here's a link to our local news with quite a few different links you can click and see stories and video of the storm damage. MyFox Tampa Bay Fox 13 News WTVT

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Liane said...

Glad you didn't have any damage. Whew, crazy nutty weather this year.