Friday, August 19, 2011

Whim So Doodle Winners!

Whim So Doodle held an open house the other night to let customers know what-all they had ordered from CHA Summer for the upcoming holiday season. Suffice it to say, if there was a paper line, they ordered it! They got at least one line from almost every company represented at CHA Chicago, and with many of the companies, multiple lines!! They also did giveaways of all the swag the different companies gave them. None of my local girlfriends could go with me, so John said he'd go and double my chances of winning! We each got the cute black and white totes just for going. American Crafts has a new line out called Amy Tangerine. Fresh, bright, funky. Right up my alley! They also added new fabric Thickers to the line, along with 3-D Stickers. So darn cute! First my name was called for one pack and then John's name was called! So I got two different lines! And there is also a 12 x 12 fabric "paper" in one of the lines. Can't wait to use this! (It's the polka-dot one on the bottom of the third picture!) Then I won a mini Smash book. So cute! It's 5.75" x 3.50". Perfect to put in my purse! Check them out at And finally John won (and I picked out!) the Sizzix burlap reuseable bag with a canvas and paper project inside. While the purple paper is a bit too garish for me, I have P.L.E.N.T.Y of hoarded...saved paper just sitting around that I can use. I will use their instructions for completing the project, substituting my own papers for it. I'll share pics once I get it completed! They are getting all of the new t!m stuff, but it's all been delayed, so I'm gonna have to make more trips down to St Pete. The things I do for my art!! They ordered quite a bit of new stuff from new companies that I can't wait to see in real life. We got to see the catalogs and most all of the stuff I'm interested in is all alterable things. Canvas Corp had a bunch of stuff that was right up my alley!

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Debbie DP said...

All I can say is wow that is some winnings.