Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tropical Convergence

That's what our weather guy is calling the rainmaking event we are having today! Basically, we are being squeezed between low pressure to our north and high pressure to our south and since our winds are coming off the warm Gulf waters, we are seeing above normal rainfall. We had off and on showers all day yesterday. Between Mon afternoons rains and Tue afternoon, I dumped 3.5" of rain out of the gauge yesterday. This morning, we've had over an hour of heavy, heavy rain accompanied my thunder and lightning and a few brief power outages. I just dumped the gauge and it was overflowing at 6" and it's still raining and there's more coming in from the Gulf. The rain we had this morning was very much like what we experienced in 2004 when we had the 4 hurricanes pass over the house. The first pic is our back yard. Notice the "lake" that the grapefruit tree is sitting in! Then the rain chain on the southeast corner of the porch. There is no mulch left where it dumps out! It's all out in the yard! The third pic is our kitty-corner across the street neighbor. Their whole back yard is lake! And the curve on our little street is under water. It will most likely be like that for the rest of the week. We don't have water drainage on our street cuz we live in the boondocks, so it will have to evaporate naturally. (and can I just say how lazy my neighbors are who don't bring their garbage cans up from the road after the trash men came YESTERDAY!)

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Debbie DP said...

Oh my now that is some rain.