Friday, February 15, 2008

The beauty of it all

Isn't it beautiful?! And aren't I sad to be so flipping excited over a dishwasher?! A dishwasher, people!!

The guy showed up and said he'd been trying to call. Phone never rang! He was trying to call the old house number. The one we got rid of over 6 months ago! And went exclusively with our cell phones. Nobody ever called on the house phone except solicitors which I never talked to anyway, so why pay for them to call and hang up when the "butler" answered?!


They guy asks if he can install it now? Umm, does a the woods?! C'mon in here so's I can kiss you! YES you can install it now. Well, I have to take every. thing. out from under the kitchen sink. Yay! He had the old unit out in no time flat. Re-did some wiring. took the old unit out. Brought the new unit in. Hooked it up. Turned it on. It does not sound like a jet is landing and/or taking off in my kitchen any more. Man is that thing quiet! Sweet!!

So now I have this ginormous mess to go clean up in my kitchen. So I can get my chicken pot pie and sour cherry pie going for dinner. It will be a pleasure to load my new baby and turn her on for her first run tonight!


Liane said...

Sour cherry pie.... YUM! The dishwasher is lovely... LOL So glad you took pictures for all of us to see... ;-) Hope your hands are in recovery mode from all of those dishes now! =-)

jeanne said...

Hooray for the dishwasher and yum for the chicken pot pie!!!!