Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How much for a switch??!!

Sears repairman just left. Dishwasher is not fixed. It was going to cost over $200 for a switch. Not a whole new dishwasher. One, single solitary switch. So we opted for him to put it back together unrepaired and go buy a new one. We knew this one was on borrowed time and if one switch was going to be $200+, who's to say what would break next and then it probably wouldn't be fixable. No sense throwing good money after bad. He gave me a coupon for $65.00 off a new dishwasher with my receipt that we opted not to have ours repaired. Hey, at least it's something! So as soon as John gets home this afternoon, we'll go get a new one. And it will probably be Friday before they can deliver and install it. Which is better than waiting til Monday when John is off to install it! I've got a serious case of dishpan hands here! I had forgotten how much I hate washing dishes by hand!


Kim said...

We went through our dishwasher dilemna back in October. I love my new dishwasher. I never knew a dishwasher could be so quiet. Next on my "appliance list" is a new washer/dryer. It's pretty sad the things I look forward to nowadays.

Liane said...

Kim is right, newer dishwashers are da bomb! Of course in our house EVERYTHING beeps now, which is good and bad. Beep, bark, bark, beep, it is loud here!

Good luck finding a new one. My fav so far was a bottom of the line Maytag that I got new in Tucson... and I have had several since... of course I have lived in several houses since then.... yikes, I get around!

jeanne said...

Appliances are the pits, especially when they are on their way out. UGH. But your poor hands will love the new replacement.