Friday, February 8, 2008

A little giftie

Just a little something I threw together! Bought the Welcome sign at JoAnn's and knew I was gonna alter it. Eventually! Sat it in my scraproom, waiting for the right moment. It finally arrived. Chris and Mike recently moved from the "crack shack" they had been living in since they married into a beautiful house that they can actually call home. So I asked Chris what her primary colors were and she told me a grey-ish blue. Got some input from Debbie, Liane and Rhonda and voila! Done! Serendipity it is! Got it altered in no time flat and could. not. find. a. box. to fit it. Ended up having to take it it the UPS Store and have THEM box it up. It arrived safely to it's new home at 8:11 PM last night! Chris said the packing peanuts were a bit much! But the UPS guy was so nice. He was so afraid it was gonna get damaged and at one point I was almost afraid to leave it with him cuz he kept oohing and ahhing over it and how pretty it was, and how much work I put into it, and how good it would look in HIS house! But I had my receipt in case he didn't send it! So I entrusted it to him, and I guess he used a bit of overkill! But it's safely there and Chris loves it and she's gonna put it in HER scraproom once Mike gets it done for her.

I love making my friends smile unexpectedley!
John was home at 1:30 again today. So we headed out to the Oriental grocery store so I could get stuff to make Miso soup for mom. Since we will be seeing them on Sunday, I figured I'd make it tomorrow and take it to her. She loves my homemade Miso soup, so it's just one more nice thing I can do for her. We also got some beautiful fresh asparagus. I'll cook it and take she and dad some of it too. I steam it til it's just tender, then season with a little garlic powder, soy sauce and lemon juice. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Yes, I serve it cold! They both love it and mom says hers never tastes like mine. I tell her because she doesn't have MY finger to stick in it!! We got some Yaka Soba for us. It's Soba noodles with a seasoning packet. I buy skirt steak and slice it real thin and cook it very quickly in hot oil and remove. Then I chop up a variety of vegetables. Today I'll use Napa cabbage, snow peas, mushrooms and green onions. Sautee them in the hot oil til they are about 1/2 done, still more crisp than tender. Add the beef back in along with the soba noodles and seasoning packet. Cook until the vegetables are crisp/tender. Yummmm!!! So that's dinner for tonight. It's quick and good for us.


Chris said...

I absolutely love the shelf and can't wait until I can get it on the wall in the scrap room!

Liane said...

You do great work. Thanks for bringing me such JOY in my life! YUM on the oriental food. We had tacos tonight.... boring. LOL

jeanne said...

This is OUTSTANDING! Great job. Hey Chris, iffin you don't like it, I have a home for it!!! LOL.