Saturday, February 23, 2008

Under Quarantine

John came home from work yesterday with the sickies. And I was just reading in yesterday's paper that the Tampa area is seeing an upswing in flu cases. Grreat!!!! Course he couldn't get in to see the Dr, but he did call him in an Rx, so hopefully we can nip it in the bud. We decided descretion is the better part of valor and are not going to his folks tomorrow. No sense taking whatever John has to them. He had to go in to work today. There was nobody to run his route. They have one man out for 5 months with knee replacement and another is out on short term disability, so there was no staying home for him. Good thing he's got the next two days off. When I went to pick up his Rx last night, I got a gallon of Gatoraid and a gallon of cranberry juice for him, plus 4 boxes of Lipton chicken noodle soup, so I'm keeping him hydrated and souped up! He's in his favorite sweat pants and 3 XL t-shirt with the blankie over him, sitting in the LaZBoy catnapping in front of the TV. Rest and sleep, rest and sleep; that's what he needs. Keeping my fingers crossed he doesn't pass it on to me.


Tickle Me Pink said...

I'm sorry your hubby is sick! We are finally getting over the last bit of the flu (we hope, lol). It's no fun especially if you have to work. I hope you don't catch it!!! I also got your goodies in the mail today. Thank you so much!! The card is awesome and I love those asian images and the sheep is too cute! I have superbella but have been lazy and not stamped her out yet. Now I don't have to, lol! I sent you bella images too though I can't remember which ones, lol. And Tinkerbella has been on my wish list! Try to have a good weekend! Thanks again hun!

Kim said...

Elizabeth had the "ickies" and came home from school on Thursday. She hasn't missed a day of High School. She came right home from school on Thursday and crashed. She even went back to school on Friday--against my wishes. She said she IS NOT going to miss a day for this.

Check out my blog, Sue. I tagged you.

Liane said...

I hope you do whatever the doctor told John to ease his pain and ensure a fast recovery. ROFLOLPIMP