Saturday, February 9, 2008

Y B Normal?

I was talking to Liane yesterday, telling her I went for my nail and ped appt and she asked me if I had "normal" nails! Well, why would I have normal nails? That's boring! While not as colorful as my flamingo's and palm trees of this past summer, I think they are pretty Spring-like. And since we've had a lot of Spring-like weather all Winter long, why not?! And my toes are the same pink as the base of my fingernails.
Edited to add: You can click on the picture to get a better view of the butterflies!


Tickle Me Pink said...

Oh MY PRETTY, PRETTY!! You know I've never had my nails done!! LOL Your nails are BEAUTIFUL!!! What fun!!

Liane said...

Those are beautiful. I love them. I am kinda into butterflies lately. Gorgeous. I been playing with my bellas today, I will have to put one in the mail for ya! Too fun. Hugs

jeanne said...

I love them. So springy!