Thursday, January 24, 2008

Special Friends card

There are five special ladies in my life. One I have met and the other four I am anxious to meet. Sooner rather than later! I sent these 5 special ladies a card the other day. And now that they have all recieved their card, I can share what they got. (In alphabetical order!) Chris, Debbie, Jeanne, Liane and Rhonda. You are all very important to me.

In non-artistic news!

I had my 6 month check-up at the Dr yesterday. Been feeling a lot of the same feelings that I had a year and a half ago when the thyroid condition was diagnosed. Of course, it was not due to be checked until June and I did not know that when I went 2 weeks ago for the blood work. So all the Dr had was my cholesterol numbers, which were fine.They also checked my liver because if the cholesterol meds start going "bad", your liver is where it shows up first, so they check it every six months as well. So I ended up having to have another blood draw yesterday and they also did a bone density scan and thyroid ultrasound to see if the thyroid meds are gonna have to be changed again. So again, it's wait and see. He said if it's not my thyroid and I continue to not feel well, we will "have to explore other avenues." Yay! @@

I got my sushi fix last night! We were supposed to go this past Sat night and we had some wicked storms move thru, so discretion being the better part of valor, we opted instead for Subway. John was off early yesterday, so we went last night. I could eat sushi 7 nights a week if he'd let me! But I generally settle for once a month. Sometimes it's longer, but we average once a month.


Kim said...

Were those storms on Saturday wild or what? I think your area got hit hard than mine, but it's been awhile since we've had that bad weather.

Cards look great. We keep saying we will hook up for some Starbucks--we really should do that!!

Liane said...

You have got to tell your readers what is inside the card! LOL Love love love mine =-) Best wishes on the medical stuff.... what a drag! L

Sue said...

See, I was gonna leave that just between "us!" But here goes:

"Chaos, panic and disorder...
My work here is done."

Pretty much describes me!

Oh yeah, Miss Grumpabella HAS a 'tude!

jeanne said...

Aw, thanks, Sue. I loved mine. Cracked me up. Much needed. Hope the health stuff all comes out ok!