Saturday, January 19, 2008

31 Years Ago

We had measurable snow on the ground in Florida! I was a freshman in college. I remember mom & dad coming in and waking me up about 5:30. They told Kathy, Jan and I that it was snowing. We couldn't get outside fast enough! It was the first time any of us (mom & dad too!) had seen snow. It snowed as far south as Miami that cold January morning, 31 years ago today, Jan 19, 1977. We've had flurries here since, but nothing measurable. We had 1/2" that morning!That's me in the beautiful white housecoat. I LOVED that housecoat! And what happened to Kathy's head you ask? That was and still is a favorite thing of mom's to do. Cut off peoples heads. We're still looking for Kathy's head, as a matter of fact! And I have no recollection of where Jan was!

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