Friday, January 18, 2008

Crazy weather

We had that cold snap a couple of weeks ago here in FL. The one where they got snow flurries over by Daytona Beach. Coldest weather we'd had in over 5 years. And then we had the typical FL warm-up. So all the plants think Old Man Winter is gone. Notsomuch! We're supposd to be getting another cold blast this weekend. OK all you Northerners! Stop rolling your eyes! Cold for us!!

That doesn't change the fact that almost all of my azalea's are blooming. Or getting ready to bloom. That is, if the cold doesn't kill the buds this weekend. Azalea's don't normally bloom here til around Easter. Which is March 23 for those of you without benefit of having a calendar handy! Today is Jan 18. Easter is a full 2 months away. So the bloom, even if they don't get killed by the cold this weekend will be loooong gone by Easter.Thankfully I have camera at the ready. And my cherry tree is blooming too! The cherry tree that I have yet to get a cherry off of. Because the birds stalk it and the instant a cherry thinks it might possibly be ripe, it goes into their birdy bellies! And yes, I know the last picuture looks like snow. Trust me, it's Florida dirt! It may look white, but it will turn your feet just as black as the night!
Oh, and the first one is the promised card that goes with the Vacation swap pages.

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