Wednesday, January 2, 2008

some cards

This year, CTMH is holding it's annual Convention in Orlando! Practically in my backyard! It's a 3 day event that will be the end of August. I'm really looking forward to meeting some of my CTMH sisters that I've formed online friendships with in talking on the bb's and swapping. I have decided that in between my other projects, I'm going to go ahead and get started on cards to swap while I'm there. I figure I will need between 150-200 and I plan to do them in lots of 24 to make it seem less daunting! I've gotten the first 24 completed in the last couple of days. I also worked on my Stamp of the Month swap cards for our monthly Unit swap. It's called a Criss Cross card. I really thought the card was pretty when I saw it, but wanted to start with a small number to see how easily they went together. They really weren't too bad, so I'll be doing some of them to take to Convention. So the first card is done with our Heart of Winter campaign paper pack, "Serendipity." It will be one set of my swap cards for Convention. The next two are my SOM Unit swap cards using the "Silhouette" paper pack in our new Winter catalog. It shows the card insert and the "envelope" that the card goes in. Then the last one is the insert inside the "envelope."

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