Friday, May 9, 2008

SOM Card/Birthday Card

I've got a theme with cards going on at the ranch the last couple of days! First is a card for our oldest nephew who will be turning 18 next week. And just where did those 18 years go? I know I'm not 18 years older! I used a SU stamp set for this one just cuz I lurve the little crab! My camera is having some "issues" this morning, so the sentiment says, "Snappy Birthday." I know it's very hard to read...sorry! I found the idea on a blog...who's I don't remember! I read so many! It's got a little pocket cut out for a gift card. I thought it would be perfect for K's birthday.

Then for the second set of SOM swap with my Yahoo group, I used the same idea, just used the June SOM With Love and Whoops A Daisy paper pack. And if any of the SOM swapper girls are reading, NO you are not getting a gift card! You are getting a replica of a GC!! Love you gals, but don't love ya that much! ;)

1 comment:

Liane said...

OMG I love the crab! The rest is good too.. I just love the crab though! Hehehehehe