Friday, May 2, 2008

Purtty flowers


What's left of the pink grapefruit on our tree.

Confederate Jasmine. The bees and hummers love this!

Gardenia. Sure wish this was Smellernet!

Magnolia not open completely.

and a few other things. Jeanne, silly to sane. . . ., is doing a photo a day class and posting to a gallery. She's posted two pics of different flowers and it inspired me to get out and take a walk around OUR yard and see what's blooming. I was amazed. But we'd better get some rain right quick or everything is gonna be dead. The grass is crispy under my feet. We can only water one day a week and with temps approaching 90 already and no clouds, the sun is doing a number on lawns here in FL. Jeanne's on the other side of the state from me, so she knows what I'm talking about.


Jordi said...
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Liane said...

Love the pics! Wow 90's. Today was PERFECT here today. 70 degrees and sunny. That is my kinda day!

Kim said...

It was a bit toasty today. Our pool jumped 4 degrees today alone. Our lawn was really looking good but now we have the dreaded brown, dry spots. I know I am doing the rain dance here.