Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guess what?!

More Convention swap cards!

When we were running errands this past Saturday, we had to go to Staples. Course John is in Staples like he is at Home Depot or Lowes. He must look at every. single. item. in the store. Not unlike his wife at Ruban Rouge, hee hee!! So I wandered aimlessly about the store, with every employee asking me numerous times if I needed help. And why is it that when I don't need help, there is an employee every 10 feet? But when I do need help, they are all on break or lunch?! Murphy and his law!! @@ I came upon a bin of marked down items. And in that bin was the cutest little emoticon clips! I thought they would match almost perfectly with the WhoopsA Daisy paper pack. There were 6 different emoticon faces for .50! Yep, half a I got 2 packages. And lying right next to them was some really cute decorative paper clips; 10 in the package for $1.99. They would work perfectly with Boom-di-Ada! So I got a package of them too! And I know some CTMH purist is gonna get her panties in a knot at Convention because I didn't use all CTMH product, but ya know what? I don't care! If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to swap with me. I have plenty of all CTMH product cards that I can use as a swap if someone doesn't like the fact I have one element that is not CTMH.


Liane said...

I likey, I likey! Usually the gals hold up 4-5 cards and you pick one of theirs, they pick one of yours. So, hopefully no one will be FORCED to take a card with something not CTMH on it! LOL Although you are scarey, maybe you would hold them down and force them to take it. =-)

jeanne said...

Those little clips are ADORABLE!!!!