Friday, March 14, 2008

Totally Tubular!

So Jeanne's silly to sane. . . . dh made her this really cool PVC holder for her pens, markers, etc. And what Jeanne has, Sue thinks she needs! Well, except for crown molding! That she can keep!

John and I priced PVC and I didn't like the price, so I decided that my little Solo cups that I hot glued together for my pens and markers would keep on working just fine! Then John came home one day last week with this tube! And my first question was, WTH do you plan on doing with that?! And his response was, it's for your pen holder dear! OMG! How cool is that?! So he got the tube all cut down for me the other day and I covered it in Serendipity. Then I couldn't find my hot glue gun! I finally remembered where I put it this morning, so I got it put together and it is now doing a fine job of holding all my crap. In the top is my double sided ink daubers. Center left is markers. Center right is brushes. Bottom left is colored pencils. Bottom center is Calligraphy pens. And bottom right is decorative scissors.

LOVE it!!! Thank you honey!


hubby said...

See i do listen to you and think about your scrapping needs and wants "mostly wants" :]

Love ya babe

jeanne said...

Ooh, I love it too. Great idea. And I love that paper. That's the set I was drooling over before wasn't it. Yep. It was. Harumph.