Monday, March 10, 2008

Mail Bonanza!

Holy, I Didn't Know It Was My Birthday, Batman!

Did the mailman bring me a bounty of goodies today!

Chris sent me a humongous jar of ShurFine Zesty Sweet Pickles. I LOVE these things and I cannot find them here in FL! I had sent her some Nellie and Joe's Key Lime Juice and a jar of Jalepeno Jelly and she sent me the Pickles in return. Yummmm!

Marjorie sent me a RAK of the cutest little Oriental girl images, and an awesome Bella card! The images are just too sweet! I'll be playing with them soon.

I also got my Convention brochure! It's been posted on the consultant side of the CTMH website, but the print is so darn little, I can barely make out every fourth word. Not that I'm old and my eyesight's failing, or anything like that!

And finally, I got my April/May issue of PaperCrafts magazine. That and Scrapbooks Etc are the two "artsy-fartsy" magazines I subscribe to. I also get Sports Illustrated and Southern Living.

So now I'm gonna go sit in my chair and read from cover to cover both the Convention brochure AND PaperCrafts!


Kim said...

WOW. You hit the jackpot. I love when the "good" stuff arrives in the mail.

I still can't find the latest issue of Scrapbooks, Etc. I've hit two different Publix stores. I think I am going to just break down and get the subscription.

Lea said...

Whooeee Sue you were one lucky girl yesterday. I'm about to make the trek, yes trek, to the mailbox and see if the mailman brought me any "Super" goodies. ha ha ha he he he.