Friday, November 2, 2007

Put a period at the end!

The yard is DONE! Course not before we had to make one final run to Home Depot for more landscape timbers! And a run to the Sawmill for 8 cubic yards of mulch to put in the beds. But the beds look so much better and as we've already found, going up two landscape timbers high allows us to put extra mulch in the beds and makes them so much easier to keep clean. The first pic is the big bed on the south side of the house. It's the one that has the pond in it. Second is the front bed with the oak and maple tree. Third is the front of the house, complete with my little Pilgrim boy and Indian girl Thanksgiving decoration I painted a few years ago. Fourth is the 2 smaller beds on the north side of the house. They have the Japanese Magnolia tree and the banana trees in them. And last is a close up of the pond. It doesn't look like the house is gonna get painted. Once again, we ran out of week! I want to give John a couple of days to do nothing, so we are officially done! Put a period at the end.

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Liane said...

OH how cute the pilgrim boy and girl are.... You are RIGHT we always run out of weekend before we run out of projects. What is up with that anyway?