Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's beginning...

To look a lot like Christmas!

I found a tree last week, a nice 4 footer. Two strands of lights, some ornaments and we are good to go. I just finished decorating it, wrapping the gifts and putting my Nativity out.
My Nativity belonged to my paternal Grandmother. Mom glazed the pieces when we were doing ceramics back in the 80's and dad made the creche' out of balsa wood and stained it. When Nana Sara passed away, I got her set.
The stocking is one that Jan had made for me a few years ago out of one of Granny's old quilts that she got when Granny passed away. The quilt was tattered and Jan took it to a friend of hers who made pillows and stockings out of what was salvageable. It hangs on the entertainment center year-round.
I love being surrounded by old family things. It keeps them close at heart and when I look at the things, I am reminded of them.


Desmond Jules said...
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Liane said...

Beautiful. Just lovely. I love the family stuff too!

Amy said...

So that's what a tree looks like without a baby gate around it!

Super cute!