Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Craft Show stuff

Thought I'd share some more of my Craft Show stuff I've been working on. This is a salt shaker that has puff balls, bells, glitter and other "Christmassy" stuff in it. There is a tag attached at the top that says,

"At a time when we should feel the most blessed,

The holidays can make us feel quite stressed.

When you feel the "crabbies" coming near,

Sprinkle yourself with Christmas Cheer!

(Sprinkle on others as needed)"

And then there's my latest lifted idea. My friend Debbie in IL, (Hi Deb ! You need to quit lurking and reply!!) told me she was going to make some coaster calendars and I stole her idea! The calendars arrived today and since I've got almost all the coasters covered that I need for this project, I had to do one to see how they looked. I may end up stamping an image on the front, but I'll see how much time I have left. I made them in a "book" form thinking you could put it on your desk at work or in your workspace at home.
It's hard to believe the Craft Show is just over 3 weekends away. Lots of stuff to get finished up and get prices decided on and signs made for that. I know I'll be working right up to the 11th hour getting stuff done.


Kim said...

Very cute, Sue. I love the salt shakers. I'm hoping to go to it. Maybe I'll see you there. :)

Liane said...

I still LOVE the salt shaker idea...... sooo cute! You are going to kick butt! Good luck.... on everything at the craft fair,

Chris said...

Love how the calendar coaster-thingy (yes that's a technical term) came out! And I just might have to life the salt shaker idea for stocking stuffers...