Friday, November 9, 2007

he won!

Lookie what John came home with yesterday! It's a 35 GB, 7500 song, music and video I-Pod!
They had a meeting after work yesterday and had a bunch of prizes to give away. Restaurant GC's, movie passes, gas cards, stuff like that. The I-Pod was the Grand Prize. And John won. Pretty cool...except we'll never use it. There were 3 of the other guys who really wanted it, so we looked it up and it's about a $250-300 I-Pod. John's gonna see which of the three were really serious about wanting it, and we'll sell it to them. He also won four $20.00 gc's to Beef O'Bradys. Now those we'll use! LOVE us some Beef's wings!!
Still working on coaster hangings. I tend to get sidetracked very easily with them! I'm really over them. Can't wait for it to just. be. over! I did order some pocket size calendars that should be here before the end of the week. I plan to take 2 of the coasters and make them like a book, with a place on one side for a small wallet size picture and the calendar on the other. Thought they would make a nice gift for someone's desk. I can also work on them AT the craft show since they will be small. That will keep me busy during the slow times.

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Liane said...

WHY would you give away an IPOD??? You just dont know you need it yet... but you do. I love mine. I use it all the time. I have all of my CD's on it! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT... Don't sell it... ok, back to your regularly scheduled life....